Dublin Lacrosse Club

Waitlist for Summer 2023


Waitlist Information

Tryouts for our Summer 2023 season was held on August 28, 2022.   Please continue through this registration if you are interested in adding your daughter to the waitlist for any roster openings that we may have when rosters are finalized in Spring 2023.  Registering for the waitlist does not guarantee a roster spot but allows us to collect the necessary info so that we can contact you if there is a roster spot available for your daughter's age group.  Waitlists will be processed in the order in which the registration was completed.  



Info that was provided during our tryout registration follows:


Our Summer 2023 teams will include teams in the High School (graduation year 2024-2026) and Middle School (graduation year 2027-2039) divisions.  Team rosters will be determined by ability and not based solely on graduation year.  For Summer 2022, we had 2 teams in the High School division, 2 teams in the 14U (7th/8th grade), and 1 team in the 12U (5th/6th grade) divisions.

Tryout results will determine players who will be offered a spot with the club in their appropriate age group.  Specific team rosters will be determined at the beginning of the Summer 2023 season as we know many players will improve during their Spring seasons.

For example,  Suzie is a high school junior (YOG 2024) and is offered a spot with the Club on a high school division team after tryouts in August.  Suzie will not learn whether she will play with our High School Green or High School White team until the start of the Summer 2023 season, because after she gets extra practice during our Winter Indoor Sessions and helps her high school team bring another State Championship to Dublin, her skills are very different in May 2023 than they were in August 2022.